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This year, West Wicklow Festival are delighted to announce the addition of a free Family Concert on Sunday 20th May delivered in partnership with the National Concert Hall. There will also be an interactive, live Music Trail on the Russborough estate. 

10am – 12pm: Children’s Music Trail
Follow the West Wicklow Festival Music Trail through the beautiful Russborough Parklands. Embark on a musical journey through The Maze and the magical Lady’s Island with live musicians to entertain you along the way. This event will take place outdoors and is subject to suitable weather conditions.

12pm – 1pm: Family Concert
After the magical Music Trail, come and join us for a wonderfully entertaining Family Concert! Featuring a selection of familiar tunes, well-known composers and very talented musicians, this Concert will delight, excite and inspire audiences young and old alike! This is a FREE concert but tickets should be booked in advance to avoid disappointment. To book yours, please buy prednisone 5mg online or call +353 (0) 1 417 0000.

Please note: Children MUST be accompanied by an adult at all times.


buy prednisone canada

Following the huge success of the inaugural Festival in 2017, tickets are now on sale for the 2nd edition of the West Wicklow Festival. Taking place from 17th – 20th May 2018, the Festival will feature a host of international and Irish talent with concerts of classical chamber music being held at Russborough House and St. Mary’s Church in Blessington.

The 2018 Festival Programme features internationally acclaimed clarinet virtuoso Julian Bliss, principal cellist of the Scottish Chamber Orchestra Philip Higham,  the award-winning Benyounes Quartet, renowned Irish baritone Gavan Ring and the Festival’s Founder and Artistic Director, renowned Irish pianist Fiachra Garvey.

 “I’m proud to welcome dear friends and wonderful artists to the Festival this year for a full-bodied and energetic programme of truly wonderful works of music. Debussy’s music will feature throughout the Festival in honour of the centenary of his death, along with many other musical highlights including a free Family Concert at Russborough delivered in partnership with the National Concert Hall”  – Fiachra Garvey, Founder & Artistic Director

This year, the Festival boasts an expanded programme of events with twice as many concerts as last year, more artists and the introduction of a new venue, the historic St. Mary’s Church in Blessington. Musical highlights include a late-night performance of Bach’s solo Cello Suites, Schumann’s Piano Quintet in E-flat major, Brahms’ Clarinet Quintet in B minor and a song recital by Irish baritone Gavan Ring, accompanied by Fiachra Garvey.

In partnership with the National Concert Hall, there will also be an innovative programme of interactive musical activities for children followed by a free Family Concert at Russborough House. Explore the beautiful gardens, the intricate hedge Maze, the magical Lady’s Island and watch out for live musicians along the way!

To book your tickets, just mail order prednisone or call the box office on +353 (0) 1 417 0000.

Please note, the Family Concert is a free but ticketed event. Tickets will be available shortly and we recommend booking in advance to avoid disappointment.